Kastle FX 85 HP

$779.99 $1,250.00

Kastle FX 85 HP

A true all-mountain ski for nearly every day of the season, from early season piste-skiing to late season corn, and everything in between.

WAIST 95 MM: Narrow enough to easily handle the piste, yet wide enough for deeper powder, this ski adapts to whatever the mountain dishes out. 

PROGRESSIVE RISE ROCKER: Provides easier and smoother handling with better flotation.


ELLIPTICAL RADIUS, a narrower turning radius in the shovel and tail, combined with a wider turning radius throughout the body of the ski, allows the ski to easily adapt to different terrain throughout the day or the season.


WOOD CORE: A combination of ash and silver fir creates a strong, yet light ski that adapts to changing conditions throughout the day or season.


HOLLOWTECH 2.0: In the shovel delivers weight reduction and minimizes vibrations. 


The FX95 HP has highly durable ABS sidewalls, ideal for the demands of off-piste terrain. Two 0.5 mm titanal sheets, sandwich construction, LOW CAMBER, HOOK FREE SHOVEL/TAIL and a new KADURA surface for improved resistance are combined to achieve a classic, light and versatile ski.